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Jack's Aluminum Ltd. is a contracting company. We sell and install vinyl replacement windows, varieties of siding, aluminum soffit, fascia, and seamless eaves trough. Jack's also does custom copper work such as bay roofs, copper flashings etc. 

​We have access to numerous suppliers, with ROYAL BUILDING PRODUCTS as our main siding supplier. Our vinyl replacement windows are purchased from one of Canada's original window manufacturers, A.C. VINYL WINDOWS from Niagara Falls Ontario.  Please check out the links below and look at their products and warranties.

PS. From time to time customers will ask if we will offer a reduced price, if the work is paid for by cash. We at Jack’s will accept payment in cash or cheque but the price will be the same. We simply do not cheat on our customers nor on the government, and we treat our suppliers, the authorities, and our clients with that same high level of integrity. We have little patience for our competitors and potential customers who are willing to deal under the table, so to speak. Ask yourself, who would you prefer to deal with when it comes to siding and window installations…a company with a good reputation, with a good level of honesty and integrity, or a company who cheats and makes it more difficult for the rest of us. It is your choice!!

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